Brooklynn’s 11 Month Update

August 3, 2014

Brooklynn turned eleven months old today. Exactly one month until she is one year old! I can’t believe it. Time has gone by so quickly, I feel so bittersweet about her growing up. She has grown so so much this past month.

11 month update:
-If you say, “Brooklynn, what does the lion say?” she rawrs! We are working on other animals now that she’s mastered that one.
-She can blow kisses.
-She can give high fives.
-She loves the book “Bubbles, Bubbles” which has baby Elmo in it. She gives baby Elmo kisses!
-She won’t eat any baby food anymore.
-She’s almost completely off formula and on to cow’s milk.
-She has one tooth (top, left side) fully showing and three cutting through! (Big change from last month-she had zero teeth!)
-She has mastered walking and is starting to run.
-When you say “goodnight!” she lays her head down and closes her eyes! It only lasts five seconds, but it’s so cute!
-Her new favorite toy is her Cookie Monster stuffed animal.
-When I tell her “no,” she smiles and keeps doing whatever she was doing. When dad says “no” or “Brooklynn, what are you doing?!” she starts crying instantly and runs away so quickly!!
-She is the sweetest little thing lately, resting her head on my shoulder or giving us kisses and hugs constantly.
-She loves brushing her hair and ours, too.
-We brush her teeth everyday with her Elmo toothbrush and she loves it!

11 month picture update:


(Before it started raining outside this morning!)


(Lunch time, quickly followed by bathtime!)


(We went and explored Trail Dust Town tonight…so much fun!)

We had a great day celebrating the start of Brooklynn’s last month before toddlerhood! I can’t wait to see what more she accomplishes in the next month!

Xo, Bethanie



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