Bronx Elliot Garcia is ONE! // Birthday Photoshoot

July 26, 2019

On July 27, 2018, we welcomed Bronx Elliot Garcia into our family. She has completed our family in every single way. The past year has been filled with joy (even through hard times) and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate her first birthday… at Disneyland!


Bronx weighs 18lbs.

She has zero teeth.

She can stand up on her own, but refuses to walk.

She smiles constantly.

She laughs every time her siblings talk to her.

She nurses like 8x a night but only 2-3x during the day.

She wears size 9-12 month clothing.

Her hair is finally starting to grow in… she was a lil baldie for the longest time.

She loves her binky more than life itself.

She loves the pool (and swimming underwater at swim class).

She is joy and happiness and sass rolled into one little tiny babe.

Photos by Wildlings Photo Co.

Shirt by TBE Apparel

Bracelet by Jays+Jewels

Backdrop by With Love Event Decor

Crown by Joss+J

Socks by London Bridges Shop



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