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Boobies + Beauty Rest | Deuce’s First Week

April 15, 2016

I can’t believe that little man has been here for a whole week already! Our days have been filled with endless poopy diapers, breastfeeding alllll day long, sweet little snores, and getting to know our new babe. He is absolutely perfect and we feel so blessed! I will be sharing his birth story in the next few weeks, but it’s been really hard to write because of what a scary experience we had.

If I had to recap his first week in three words, it would be: boobies and beauty rest. Seriously, all he does is eat and sleep! He’s awake less than an hour every day and wakes up every three to five hours to eat (three during the day, five at night)! We’ve been trying to get him to stay awake longer, and he’s just now started showing interest in our voices, so talking to him while he’s awake has been really helpful! It’s so different than with the girls, because they were SO alert from the moment they were born!

Cocoon Swaddle by Mint & Arrows

He loved lounging by the pool during our mini getaway to Tucson! All three kids slept the entire way there (two hour drive)! And we got to spend some quality time with my grandpa and sister, it was a lot of fun!

Onesie / Cactus Pillow

  We couldn’t have gotten through the last week without these products:

This swaddler from NuRoo has been incredible! It makes swaddling at night so much easier and baby boy is so comfy in it. My hubby and I are not gifted at swaddling, so this product has been a lifesaver.

This Boob Butter is lifechanging! It’s so light and soft and my boobs have not suffered the way they did while breastfeeding the girls!

And mostly, wrapping!! We’ve been using two wraps, one from Happy Baby Wrap (second picture) and one from Hapai Wrap (first picture). They are both AMAZING! The girls hated to be “worn” and I think it’s due to the fact that we didn’t use quality wraps. Both the wraps we’ve been using are made of soft, quality material, super stretchy and light. Deuce LOVES being worn and these wraps also make breastfeeding on-the-go super easy and discreet!

Stay tuned for his birth story! Happy Friday!




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    Rhonda Renee Swan
    April 17, 2016 at 7:55 pm

    Beautiful baby! Love these pics. So happy you are all doing well. Keep up the great work and live unstoppable!

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