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Affordable + Adorable Halloween Costumes

October 23, 2018

Halloween is a little more than a week away and here in the Garcia household, we are READY for it. My kids have been preparing for this spooky holiday for weeks now. It might just be their favorite holiday.

Halloween costumes can be so expensive and when you have 4 kids… it adds up quickly. That’s why we get our Halloween costumes at JCPenney every year. They have incredible costumes for great prices – for the whole family!

This year, I wanted my kids to choose matching costumes and had really wanted them to do the Incredibles! But Brooklynn and Deuce instantly fell in love with the Bingo and Rolly (Puppy Dog Pals) costumes and Harlym really wanted to be Vamperina. So we got Bronx a little vampire themed onesie to match Harlym’s costume!

They are so excited to go trick or treating in their costumes from JCPenney! There were so many options for the whole family – from Halloween themed onesies and pajamas, to on-trend characters, to home decor. My kids were overwhelmed by vast majority of costumes (and especially loved all the Disney ones)!

JCPenney carries a wide range of product for the home (décor) and the family (costumes) at great value. It’s even easier if you shop online where free shipping is available.

Bingo Costume | Rolly Costume | Vampirina Costume | Teething Bites Set (on sale for $5!!!)

Check your local JCPenney or shop online for your Halloween costumes – you won’t be disappointed with their huge selections and amazing prices!



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