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7 Reasons I’m Scared To Have A Boy

January 11, 2016

I’ve been a “girl mom” for well over two years now. When I got pregnant with Brooklynn, all I wanted was a boy. I was terrified of having a girl. And then she was born and those anxieties faded away because she was perfect. When I was pregnant with Harlym, I remember crying on the elevator ride down from our gender ultrasound because we had found out she was a girl. I was so disappointed. I wanted a boy so badly! And once again, when she was born, she was absolutely perfect and I forgot any want or worry that had plagued my mind before.

At the beginning of this pregnancy, of course I wanted a boy. But I was fine with either. I didn’t want to set myself up for disappointment again and I genuinely thought it was going to be a girl; I didn’t think I was destined to be a “boy mom”. And then it happened. We found out we were going to be blessed with a beautiful baby boy!

Now that I’ve had a few months to let that sink in, I’m honestly a little bit terrified of what having a son will be like. It’s going to be completely new. New experiences, new decisions, new things to learn. Here are seven of my fears about having a son…real, raw, unedited & HONEST:

1. There are major decisions to be made with having a boy. For example, you have to decide whether or not this tiny, newborn baby will be circumcised or not. The only opinions I have about this topic have come from my family and the way I was raised (i.e., if my family members were circumcised or not). And my husband’s opinions are based off of his upbringing and experiences. And guess what? We have exactly opposite opinions. So we’ve had to completely abandon those viewpoints and feelings and do our own research. Tons and tons of research. We want to make the best possible decision for our son. I don’t want to choose wrong. That scares me.

2. Yes, I’ve changed boy’s diapers before. But having to be physically responsible for the health of my son’s private parts?! That terrifies me! I’m going to have to learn how to clean him properly. And to change his diapers without getting shot in the face with a stream of urine. (Any tips for avoiding that exact scenario are greatly welcomed!)

3. I always hear that boys are more wild than girls. Well, this scares me. Why? Because my girls are WILD. They are CRAZY. Will he be more crazy than them? If he’s just as crazy, that’s fine. But if he’s even more wild than my daughters, will I be able to handle them all?

4. It’s no secret (especially to friends and family), I suck at hair. Learning to do my daughter’s hair has been one of my biggest learning curves as a girl mom. I never really learned how to do my hair, besides using a flat iron or curling iron, because my hair can be untameable at times. So learning to do my daughters’ hair WITHOUT heat has been miserable! Now I have to learn how to do my son’s hair. What if he’s “blessed” with hair like mine? Lord knows I still struggle with my daughters’ hair. Here’s to hoping he gets his father’s hair.

5. How am I going to deal with him wanting to play sports like football? Am I going to be able to sit there on the sidelines and NOT have a panic attack? Or am I going to be that mom, rushing on the field every time he gets knocked over?

6. Boys tend to be dirty. Like dirt and mud dirty. And I like to be clean. Clean house, clean hands, clean clothes. I’m terrified that he might love playing in dirt just as much as I love cleanliness and tidiness.

7. One thing I’m NOT scared of? Dressing him. I love boy’s clothing. Honestly, dressing my daughters has been hard. Everything in stores tends to be sparkles, tutus, butterflies, and pink. And while those things can be good on occasion, it’s not the style I prefer for my girls. Every time I’m shopping for my girls (for the past 2+ years), I pass the boys clothing and envy how cute the clothes are. Seriously… boy clothing is so. much. cuter. Why is that? What I’m scared for when it comes to dressing my son- compromising my style with my husband. My hubby has let me dress the girls from day one. He’s never said a word about anything I pick out or want for them (except for shoes, he speaks his mind about shoes). My husband and I have completely different style. While I’ve been able to convince him of purchasing and wearing certain styles and pieces (think H&M, American Eagle, and Aero), he sticks to his joggers, basketball shorts, sports tees, and snapbacks most of the time. Yes, he has great style (and pricey taste). But it’s different than mine. How often am I going to have to compromise my son wearing a button down sweater and Sperry’s for my husband wanting to dress him in Yankees gear and Jordan’s?

Yes, I have these fears. But the joy and excitement I have for my son’s arrival outweighs it greatly. I know we will learn as we go. I know we will make the best decisions we can. I know we will be the best parents we can be to this brand new baby boy. Hopefully some of my worries and anxieties are similar to that of other mom’s expecting their first baby boy!


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Bethanie is mom to Brooklynn (age 2) and Harlym (age 1), with a baby boy on the way! She and her husband/highschool sweetheart, Anthony, reside in the suburbs of Phoenix, AZ!



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