5 Times Parenting Got WAY Too Real (Part 3)

August 23, 2015

This week’s featured mom is Kayla Vazquez, sharing her real parenting moments with baby Eli!

  1. When you are in Kohls and you think your son is drooling on you and you look down and see this…yes that is poo.  
  2. 2. The day I had a sad realization that “my food” is never going to be mine again… especially when it’s Popsicle’s!

3. When all you want is to take a cute family photo and this happens…

4. When mom wants to take a picture of little man in his adorable winter outfit for his 2 months but he refuses.

5. That one time I thought I was finally going to get some sleep after 7 months because he gave me a 4 hour stretch.  #wishfulthinking

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Xo, Bethanie



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