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5 Things I’m Thankful For

This Thanksgiving, I want to encourage everyone to sit down and write out five specific things they are thankful for. This coming holiday and this entire holiday season should remind us to not take things for granted, to really think about what God has blessed us with, and to audibly say the words, “thank you.”


  1. Thank you, Anthony, for working crazy hard to support our family. Your determination and perseverance don’t go unnoticed. From the very start, you’ve never given up on your goals and dreams and I’m incredibly thankful for that and you. You have given our family a life I used to dream of. (And you let me put fake blood on you for Halloween…you’re a keeper!!)
  2. Thank you, Brooklynn, for making me smile every day. The things you say, how quickly you learn- it’s astonishing. I’m in constant shock because you are growing up way too quickly and you’re incredibly smart. Watching you learn and watching you love to learn makes me smile, makes my heart incredibly happy.
  3. Thank you, Harlym, for the way you smile. The way your eyes light up when you’re happy. Even on your worst days, you manage to charm us with that smile. We’ve been captivated by it since the moment you were born.
  4. Thank you, Cox Communications, for giving our family an amazing income. Anthony has managed to work his way up and up. Starting with a minimum wage job, to a supervisor at UPS, and now this. I’ve never seen Anthony love a job the way he loves this one. We’ve never had such incredible benefits. We’ve never been making this much money. We’ve never had the opportunties we’re getting now (like watching a Phoenix Sun’s game from Cox’ box suite). So, so thankful to Cox for hiring my husband at the beginning of this year.
  5. Thank you, God, for our house, our car, our health (including a healthy pregnancy), the food on our table. I don’t even know where we would be without your love and guidance. You’ve pulled us through the worst of times and blessed us with the best of times. If I said thank you a million times, it still wouldn’t be enough.




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