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5 Summer Trends To Watch Out For

May 20, 2017
I’m sharing Secret in my life as part of a sponsored series for Socialstars™.
It’s summer time, and along with the heat comes a wave of summer trends that we are all dying to try! I’m sharing 5 of my favorite summer trends and why I love them.
  • Gingham dresses: like the one in the photos above. Gingham looks good on everyone, it’s basically science.
  • Bow slides: are all the rage this season. Every single one of your favorite fashion bloggers wears them, whether they’re the $24 ones or the $89 ones.
  • Crotchet tops: like this one with gorgeous details that are perfect for the summer season!
  • Chambray dresses: like this ruffled off-the-shoulder number. Chambray is the easiest to accessorize and can be dressed up for a snazzy date night or dressed down for a casual lunch!
  • Anything with embroidery: like this dress. Embroidery is back and I am here. for. it! Whether it’s a jean jacket, jeans, or a top, you can’t go wrong!
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