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5 Best Shoe Brands For 9-18 Months Old

April 18, 2019

I think my favorite baby age is that sweet spot between 9 and 18 months. When they’re masters at crawling, but not quite walking. When they finally start to take steps, but wobble through it. When they’re learning to talk, but not talking back. When they still look at you with those big, beautiful eyes like you’re their hero. That’s the best. After 4 kids and going through this stage 3 times now… I’m so excited that Bronx is entering it. She’s a crawling champion and is already standing up (for .05 seconds) by herself. The fact that babies will fall down 10 tens and still get back up… that is GOALS right there.

After so much trial and error with my older kids, I’ve used and loved 5 brands of shoes and know you guys will love them, too. These shoes are PERFECT for babes learning to crawl, walk, and run. With each brand, you’ll see photos of the bottom of the shoes as well…just for reference. I wish more websites would show the bottoms of shoes so we can know what to expect when purchasing for our little walkers!

1 || Sweet ‘n Swag

Sweet ‘n Swag is probably my favorite shoe brand, like ever. Mostly because of sentiment. All four of my kids have worn this brand. The shoes last for years and we’ve even been able to pass a few of the moccs from kid to kid. Plus, their prices are incredibly affordable – all under $25 – and their quality is impeccable.

Use GARCIA20 for 20% off HERE.

All of the moccs above are from Sweet ‘n Swag – I love how they offer so many different styles.

2 || Tip Toey Joey

I love the cute little espadrilles that TTJ has… seriously, so perfect for those first steps! Tip Toey Joey’s natural leather is super soft and the sole is made of natural rubber, flexible and non-slip, which helps the baby to feel the ground as if they were barefoot, contributing for balance and safety.

Check them out on Instagram HERE.

3 || Starry Knight Design

Starry Knight Design is another one of my all-time faves for moccasins. They have the perfect, classic mocc design. I love how they conform to the foot, almost like socks. SKD soft soled shoes stay on when babies start crawling; wonderful for feet and balance when they start walking; and the perfect house slippers for bigger kids (Deuce is 3 and actually wears his everywhere). I’m always so impressed with their quality and love that they are handmade.

Shop Starry Knight Design HERE.

4 || Baby Mocc Shop

I love these moccs for Bronx as she learns to walk. They stay on as Bronx crawls everywhere through the house and tries to walk… I love the ones that have little ties! And their price point is awesome – $25 & under.

Shop Baby Mocc Shop HERE.

5 || Pediped

Last, but certainly not least… Pediped! Their shoes are super comfortable and truly MADE for early walkers. The shoes shown below are one of the first pairs we got for Bronx when I found out we were having a girl. I’m so excited for all the use she’s going to get out of them as she continues standing and taking those first steps!

Shop Pediped HERE.



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