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38 Weeks

July 16, 2018

Oh my gosh, these past three weeks have been a nightmare of prodromal labor, sciatica, lightning crotch and all the annoying/painful things that come with the end of pregnancy! My last bumpdate was 35 weeks, so I’m sharing a few photos from the last few weeks in this post!

Bumpdate: 38 weeks

How far along?

I’m 38 weeks!! The end is near!


It’s still a girl! We did a blood test at 12 weeks and have confirmed several times via ultrasound.


The baby is as big as a winter melon!

How many months?

9 months, y’all.

Are you showing?

HA. Yes.

Weight gain?

I’m weighing in at about 172 pounds. I started this pregnancy at 164lbs and lost weight in the first and second trimester, but I’m starting to pack it on!

Maternity clothes?

Not even. More like sweatpants and Anthony’s t-shirts and bath robes.

Stretch marks?

I’m getting new ones daily now! Trying to stay on top of the itching and stretching and keep my skin hydrated!!

Pink shirt above: Strawberry Revolution | Gilbert shirt below: Rosie Luv

Belly button: in or out?

It’s like 75% out.

Mood this week?

Friggin’ exhausted!! I’ve been sleeping 3-4 hours a night thanks to painful contractions. But I’m feeling SO ready to meet this sweet babe!


Nope. I haven’t even been able to nap – that’s how much pain I’m in when I lay down. SUCKS.


Literally every symptom ever.



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