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35 Weeks

June 26, 2018

No cute bump photos this week, folks.

L E G I T over it.

How far along?

35 weeks. Five weeks (or less) to go. Hopefully less, since I’ve been having strong contractions for weeks now and feel like I’m walking around in active labor.


The baby is as big as a pineapple. Which is huge, y’all.

How many months?

Almost 9!!

Weight gain?


Stretch marks?

I feel like there’s no more room for stretch marks. My stretch marks have stretch marks.


Ice cream, ice chips, ice cold water, ice cold coke.

Mood this week?

TIRED AF. Wait, I say that every week. I’m sore and in pain.


Never. Waking up every 1-2 hours for a trip to the bathroom.


Contractions, lightning crotch, symphysis pubis dysfunction, sciatica, all the things.



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