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34 Weeks + Mail Day

June 21, 2018

How far along?

I’m 34 weeks! Home stretch!!


The baby is as big as a butternut squash!

Are you showing?

She’s getting bigger by the minute!

Weight gain?

Currently 172lbs. So I’ve gained 8lbs total (I lost 15-20 at the very beginning)!

Maternity clothes?

All day every day. Plus some of Anthony’s t-shirts and basketball shorts.

Stretch marks?

I’ve covered in them, from my boobs to my thighs. I’m still using the Mama Mio line and it’s been incredible. My old stretch marks have begun fading and my new ones aren’t coming in as badly as before.

Mood this week?

I’m feeling tired, but excited!


NOPE. Waking up every hour. She is a night animal.


Braxton Hicks like crazyyyy!! And lightning crotch and just plain uncomfortable.


We’ve received some super cute things in the mail for Bronx this week!! It makes me so, so excited for her arrival – it’s getting REAL! Keep scrolling for links :)

“Hi! I’m Bronx” onesie from JAM Threads | Cactus swaddle & Pop Binky from What Little Wonder | Pacifier clips from Brixton Phoenix | Play tent from BBLuv | Red t-shirt at the top of this post is from ThelmaDean



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