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2 Minute Up-Do Tutorial (Plus, hair tips for postpartum moms!)

September 26, 2016

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group®  & Suave Professionals  but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #SuaveBeliever #pmgSuave

I am almost six months postpartum and for the past two months, I have been dealing with major hair issues. Luckily, these issues are normal for postpartum moms, but that doesn’t make them any easier to deal with! I honestly didn’t know how bad it was until I posted a photo on Instagram and noticed two huge bald spots. It was so embarrassing! I immediately googled tips for dealing with postpartum hair loss and the results didn’t offer much support or help.

Luckily, with the help of a few friends that have gone through similar problems, I was able to make a game plan for reviving my hair. I am so proud to say I have been able to strengthen my hair and it’s on the road to recovery!

My top three tips for dealing with postpartum hair:

  1. Switch up your part! I have always parted my hair to the far left and that made my bald spots much more noticeable. I started parting my hair closer to the middle (a tip from my amazing hair dresser) and it has helped tremendously.
  2. Wear headbands! This has also helped with covering up the bald spots caused my postpartum hair loss.
  3. Use Suave’s new line — Biotin Infusion Strengthening Shampoo + Biotin Infusion Strengthening Conditioner + Biotin Infusion Anti Breakage Serum. First of all, it smells amazing. Second, it has made my hair feel so much stronger! It is infused with B7 Biotin, a vitamin known for superior hair strengthening benefits, this luxurious range reduces breakage by 95% for dramatically less hair fall vs. non-conditioning shampoo. The products are proven to strengthen as well as Pureology® Strength Cure®. The shampoo and conditioner system reduces breakage by 95% vs. non-conditioning shampoo for dramatically less hair fall and full, thick looking hair. The anti-Breakage Serum makes hair is 20x stronger vs. non-conditioning shampoo (and also makes my hair silky soft)! Third, you can buy it at Walmart next time your shopping for diapers or groceries! 

suave biotin infusion

Like I said earlier, headbands are great for covering up those ugly bald spots! One of my all time favorite hairstyles uses a headband and it takes LESS THAN TWO MINUTES. It is perfect for moms or busy women who can’t spend a ton of time on hair!! One of the great things about this hairstyle is it can be worn on day 2-3 hair, wet hair, blow dried hair, curly hair, etc. It’s so easy and versatile! I styled my day 2 hair (that I curled the day before and then slept on) and it worked perfectly!


two minute updo - quick and easy hair tutorial

STEP ONE: Find or buy a headband that wraps all the way around your head.

two minute updo - quick and easy hair tutorial

STEP TWO: Place the headband on top of your head and slide it down! Bonus points if you do it while holding a cute baby!

two minute updo - quick and easy hair tutorial

STEP THREE: Start at the front of your head. Twist your hair and stuff it in the headband and work your hair around to the other side of your head.

two minute updo - quick and easy hair tutorial

STEP FOUR: Wait, there is no step four. That’s how easy this up-do is!!

two minute updo - quick and easy hair tutorial

Suave’s products are proven to work as well as luxury brands. Being a mom to three kids, I am always looking for ways to save money. And this line offers salon quality products, while not breaking the bank! Visit your local Walmart to try out all of the new 2016 Suave Professionals collections: Coconut Oil Infusion, Coconut Milk Infusion and Biotin Infusion, while supplies last.

 two minute updo - quick and easy hair tutorial

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two minute updo. quick and easy hair tutorial.




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