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19 Weeks + Mail Day

March 8, 2018

Bumpdate: 19 weeks

How far along?

I’m 19 weeks and 2 days.


It’s a girl! We did a blood test at 12 weeks. We will confirm with an ultrasound next Wednesday!


The baby is as big as a mango!

How many months?

4 months.

Are you showing?

She’s been poppin’ out like it’s her job.

Maternity clothes?

Maternity clothes and hubby’s clothes on repeat.


Oh my gosh, we’ve been eating Rubio’s twice a week! I’ve been craving their chicken tacos non-stop!! Even writing this, my mouth is salivating LOL. My husband is so sick of Rubio’s, but I can’t stop. Also craving Frosty’s from Wendy’s and mini donuts from Bites which is a local food truck!

Stretch marks?

My belly has started itching a little bit, so some new ones are definitely on the way.

Belly button: in or out?


Mood this week?

HANGRY. I want allllll the food. Now.


I’ve been sleeping well. Still tired AF but sleeping!


Still having cramping. And peeing literally every 30 minutes. Even at night. It’s miserable!!

Now that I’m feeling better, we’ve been out and about a lot. I was so excited to stop by one of my favorite boutiques in Gilbert… Joss + J! I definitely spend way too much money there, but look how cute their stuff is!!


We absolutely loved the Dockatot with Deuce and knew we wanted one for Bronx, too. We are so excited to use it from the time she’s brought home (we started Deuce in his dockatot at 2ish months old). I love this new print, too! So pretty and feminine.

We also got this gorgeous, soft “Bronx” blanket in the mail! The kids were so excited because they all have their own personalized blankets from Highway 3, and now baby sister does, too!

We also got a Totokan Baby Monitor in the mail and I AM SO EXCITED about this! We currently have it set up in the girls’ room and it’s awesome. The camera is connected to an app on my phone and we can take the monitor with us on-the-go, too. It also has two-way voice so I can be in my bedroom and tell the girls to quiet down in their room! I’ll have a full review of it soon, I just had to share with y’all right away because it’s so cool!!

Lil Sidekick sent these multi-functional tethers that can connect to sippy cups, binkies, teething toys, etc! Really cool because babies are always dropping stuff on the ground!

And last, but not least… we got these cute teethers in from Zoli! The bunny dual nub teethers and chubby gummy gum massager. All of my kids started teething really early, so these will be great to have on hand!

I can’t believe I will be 20 weeks (AKA halfway) in a few days!!! This pregnancy is flying by.



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