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17 Things I Wish I Would’ve Had With My First Baby

July 20, 2016

Part of parenting is learning as you go. I’m on my third baby now and I’ve come across so many products that I wish I had with my first two babies. Now, I OWN every single product listed on this post. I’ve used them and love them and highly recommend them! Instead of registering for the same ‘ole baby items or buying boring baby shower gifts, check out these products! From breastfeeding tools, to bottles, to skincare, there’s something for every baby or mama or baby mama! I guarantee you’ll love them!

To make MY life easier:

Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock // This shopping cart hammock is GENIUS. Having three kids at the grocery store used to be pure misery. We had to lug two carts around the store, one for kids and one for food. Now we only need one! Hallelujah!

Nursing Cover (and carseat cover) by Covered Goods // For some reason, my son ALWAYS gets hungry as soon as I start eating… So that makes restaurants a danger zone! These nursing covers are so light and cover everything. I don’t feel 100% comfrtaone whipping my boob out, so these covers are a great alternative for nursing in public! (Although, I forgot my cover one time and didn’t hesitate…when baby’s hungry, they should eat!)


Nuby 2 Pack Easy Clean Bottle Brush // LOVE these bottle brushes! The soap goes in the bottom of the brush and you push the button to dispense the soap! It makes cleaning bottles so much easier and quicker! 

nuby bottle brush with soap dispenser! i wish i would've had this with my first baby!

And yep, that’s my sink right now. Time to get washin’!

Ju-Ju-Be Diaper Bag // Please don’t settle on an ugly diaper bag. There are some gorgeous diaper bags out there that are functional and superior quality!! This one is my favorite right now (the Be Classy – The First Lady). It has so many pockets and compartments and is durable and stylish.

Sakura Bloom Baby Sling // This could also go under the sleep section, hence #sakurabloomsleepydust. Search that hashtag on Instagram and you’ll have instant baby fever. They also have mini-slings so your toddler can carry their dolls, which is a great way to help your toddler feel involved with the new baby!


ZoLi BREATHE Nasal Aspirator // This nasal aspirator is AMAZING. It sucks all the boogers out with the press of a button. I kinda wanted to use it on myself, then decided against it…

Newborn Essentials Skincare Kit by Baby Pibu // This kit comes with alllllll the essentials. Bathtime wash (hair and body cleanser), baby butter (moisturizing skin cream), hydrating ointment (for eczema and dry skin), bottom balm (skin protection from diaper rash), baby sunscreen, rash relief (relief for inflamed dry skin and eczema breakouts), intensive bottom relief (ointment to treat and soothe diaper rash), gentle scalp lather (cradle cap wash for oily patches and dry flakes), Safety 1st Soft Bristle Brush.

For teething:

Nursing and teething necklace by The Vintage Honey Shop // I love all the different styles and prints that these necklaces come in! Deuce already holds onto it while he nurses. And my heart melts.

Little Teether – Teething Necklace // I love these ones for teething! Harlym loved them and now Deuce is getting ready to start using them! I have the black and mint geo necklaces.

For sleep:

DockATot Deluxe Dock // Love, love, LOVE. The perfect sleeping accessory for your baby. It’s a safe alternative to co-sleeping. Easy to travel with, too!

Knotted Gown by KBCute // These jammies are the perfect transitional piece for babies that love to be swaddled. The bottoms knot for a swaddled feel.

For memories:

The Original Baby Cards by Milestone // I really wish I had these with the girls! It makes capturing milestones so much easier and a lot of fun! They have them for toddlers and kids, too!

Pacifiers and bottles:

Chicco NaturalFit All You Need Gift Set // Sooooo. Funny story. The clear NaturalFit binkies are the ONLY ones my son will take. We lost one when we lost his Finn + Emma paci holder (which I mention later in the post) and we lost another one the day after… So we were completely out. We had a ton of binkies laying around the house and he would not take ANY of them! So I spent $20 on overnight shipping for my sweet baby boy, so he could have his beloved binkies! Also we love this sterilization system and the bottles!

Baby Bottle + Dispenser by B.Box // I’ve raved about this insanely cool bottle before. You put the formula in the bottom and the water in the top and stick it in your diaper bag. Then when it’s time to make your baby a bottle, you just SHAKE and wala! It also transforms into a conventional bottle.

b.box baby bottle - must haves for newborns - bottle and dispenser for formula - formula fed babies

Pacifier Clip by NomiLu // Love this paci clip so much that we have it in multiple colors. We also have the matching teething toys!

Organic Cotton Rattle Pacifier Holder by Finn + Emma // It saddens me to say that I lost this paci holder in the parking lot last week. I’m ordering a new one ASAP because it’s Deuce’s FAVORITE. It doubles as a rattle and makes noise, which he loves!!!

Personalized Wooden Teether by Smiling Tree Toys // These teethers are made in the USA of harvested hardwood in its natural form: without any oils or other finishes applied. Every teether is non-splintering, silky smooth, and easy to grasp. We LOVE our football teether, with Deuce’s name! Also, these ones are pretty cool!

What are your favorite products for the first 3 months? Is there a product you wish you would’ve had with your first baby?

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Some of the items featured in this post were gifted in exchanged for an honest review. This post also contains affiliate links. The Garcia Diaries may be compensated for purchases made through links on this post. For more information, please visit the disclaimer page.

Special thanks to these companies and shops for making this post possible: Binxy Baby, Covered Goods, Nuby, Ju-Ju-Be, Sakura Bloom, Zoli, Baby Pibu, The Vintage Honey Shop, Little Teether, Dockatot, KBCute, Milestone Baby, Chicco, b.box, NomiLu, Finn+Emma, and Smiling Tree Toys!



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    This stuff looks pretty nice but it’s all SO expensive!

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    The baby cards are a nice idea. We’ve got the blanket with calendar but I think the cards would be much easier to use.

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