Brooklynn’s 10 Month Update

July 2, 2014

Today…my little Brooklynn Alessandra turns 10 months old. Which is a little crazy to me since I could swear it was only yesterday that she was a day old. 20140702-152158-55318834.jpg

She has grown up so quickly.

-A few days ago, she took her first steps. Now she’s walking from A to B like it’s nothing. Still tripping and falling and faceplanting a lot, but she’s on her way.
-She can now wear little pony tails in her hair, after months and months of being bald. And she actually let’s me do her hair!
-She has officially started throwing tantrums and the word “no” will bring instantaneous tears to her little eyes. She thinks she can get away with anything, and her daddy usually lets her.
-She is completely obsessed with Sesame Street. It’s the only thing that can completely captivate her.
-She can play catch. She gets her little basketball and throws it to us. Usually in the wrong direction but she tries. And she gets so excited when we throw it back!
-Her favorite toy is a tie between a 29 cent baby pool floatie and a small inflatable basketball. She pushes the floatie around everywhere and gets in and out of it. But she hates it in the pool!
-She is so independent. When she wakes up in the middle of the night, she feeds herself her bottle, then she puts her binky in and goes back to sleep.
-And speaking of that… She still wakes up at least twice every night.
-She doesn’t play very well with other babies, but we are working on it. She likes to pull hair. But she loves toddlers and her preteen aunts and uncles.
-We are learning the word “share” and when I say it she will hold out whatever she has in her hand. But don’t you dare take it away from her or else hello tantrums!
-She waves hi and bye, when I say “Brooklynn? Hello?,” she puts her hand to her ear like a phone, she claps at the word “yay,” she dances at any sign of music, and she points to what she wants.
-She has exactly ZERO teeth.

She’s a little piece of heaven. Looking back at her pictures from every month gets me weak. How did she get so big?!
Happy ten months, baby girl! I can’t believe you will be one years old in just two short months!










Xo, Bethanie



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    Brian & Melinda Lee
    July 4, 2014 at 12:06 am

    Love how you put this together , Brooklynn is so adorable !

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